Bag inflate device with product


Bag inflate device ABT


Blower for pre-opening the bags


Bag inflating table with spring pressure and bow support

Standard specification

Welded machine frame, stainless steel, standard
Panels made from stainless steel
Foot with swivel castors and lock
Set of guide plates for bag opening, for bag inflate device -standard -
Bag support table, with spring pressure and wicket holder
Terminal box with switch on/off
Electric execution according to CE-specification
Connection by CEE-plug
Operating language and labels in German language
Operating manual in German language
Spare parts catalogue in German language

Voltage modulation, 3-phase
Electric execution according to UL-specification
Customer-specific special machine modifications
Customer-specific operating language and labels
Customer-specific operation manually

How can I determine the size of bags?

Bag sizes depend on the products and the orientation of the products in the bag.

In any case, the product tolerances must be considered. This is especially important when several products are packed side by side, one after the other or one above the other in a single package. A beautiful packaging fits as closely as possible to the product and supports the product. The sizes recommended by GHD Hartmann can be looked up in an Excel spreadsheet.


Device for manually filling pre-made bags with products. The device consists of a product support table with guide plates and a bag support table with fan-blower. The products are manually grouped on the product support table. The uppermost bag is opened with ambient air by the fan-blower.

The packaging bags are loaded easily by manually moving the products from the product support table with the help of the guide plates into the opened bag on the bag support table, The filled bag is separated from the stack of bags with a light, continued pressure. The package can be sent to a subsequent processing step.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Length: approx. 800 mm, Width: approx. 400 mm, Working height approx. 870 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Product dimensions: Length: max. 400 mm, Width: max. 180 mm, Height: max. 120 mm
Capacity: Depending on products and optional manual handling
Power supply: 400 Volts / 50 cycles
Power consuption: approx. 0.3 kW
Packing material: Prefabricated bags made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or paper
Operating side: left / right
Protection class: IP 54