KP 30

Crate packer - KP 30

KP 30

KP 30 automatic crate packer

Standard specification

Welded machine frame, stainless steel, overall width transport system 680 mm
Panels, doors and electrical cabinet or switchbox made from stainless steel
Hasp locking for cover panels
Protection hoods made of polycarbonate
Footrests without dowel holes
Conveyor system with adjustable speed
Plastic modular belt for product feeding, width according to PP30
Lateral guides above transport conveyor, manually adjustable 1-lane with rollers
Servo-driven flatbelt 1 for bottom layer with slope for product feeding and alignment, swiveable
Servo-driven flatbelt 2 for top layer with slope for product feeding and alignment, swiveable
Outfeed of pillow packs to following systems by flatbelt conveyor (for manual pillow droping or emergency exit), driven
Plastic slat conveyor system for tray supply feeding in front of the tray loader, 90° curved with a short straight infeed and stopper system, twin-chain with side guides
Plastic slat conveyor system for tray transport infeed inside the system, 90° curved with stopper system, twin-chain with side guides
Pulsed plastic slat conveyor belt for tray transport inside the system, straight with carrier plates and side guides
Signal lamp - red / green
Switch cabinet with hasp locking
Switch cabinet located on top of the machine frame
Switch cabinet with air-conditioning
Operating elements located in the machine panel or door of the switch box
Omron controls + touchpanel in the bagging machine
Operating panel for manually input with Emergency -stop push-button
Automatic Stand-By control system for behind located machines in case of missing products
Frequency converter Hitachi
Servocontroller Omron/ Yaskawa
Electric execution according to CE-specification
Operating language and labels in German language
Operating manual in German language
Spare parts catalogue in German language

Grid cable tray, open design
Closed squared cable tray (Brand Electrix Raceway)
Closed round cable tray (Brand Jacob)
Switch cabinet with service interface FrontCom® with LAN and power socket
Additional signal lamp
Frequency converter SEW
Frequency converter Allen Bradley
Servocontroller Allen Bradley
Voltage modulation, 3-phase
Electric execution according to UL-specification
Customer-specific special machine modifications
Customer-specific operating language and labels
Customer-specific operation manually
KP30 - PP30 Linie

Can the machine be cleaned wet?

The machines are designed according to protection class IP54. Wet cleaning of the machines inside the cutting and packaging room is not recommended as moisture and bread crumbs directly cause the formation of mold spores.

Wet cleaning should therefore only take place outside the cutting and packaging room: components of the machine, such as guide plates, can be dismantled and cleaned at an external washing area. After drying and disinfection, the hygienically flawless dry components can be inserted into the device and reused.

Change kits allow cleaning and preparation in addition to the production operation.

How loud is a machine by GHD Hartmann?

The noise emission initially depends on the type of machine. Packaging machines, cutters or systems for grouping are fundamentally different due to the different functions.

Another factor is the nature of the products, which can behave differently during processing and transportation. A machine may be very quiet at idle, but produces varying amounts of noise during processing, depending on the products.

The type of cover also has a great influence on the noise emission: Polycarbonate viewing covers significantly reduce the noise level, while perforated grids can not significantly reduce noise emissions.

As a rule, the maximum noise emission of the machines is not more than 78 dB (A).

Which controls can GHD Hartmann Maschinenbau offer?

In addition to contactor controls for simple devices, GHD Hartmann Maschinenbau offers systems from the manufacturer Omron as a standard controller for more complex tasks.

Siemens or Allen Bradley are available as options.

What compressed air quality is recommended for machine use in the food industry?

According to ISO 8573-1 with reference to VDMA standard sheet 15390-2, we specify a compressed air quality that we recommend when using the machines and devices.

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Kissen 2
Kissen 3

KP 30

Fully automatic machine for filling cartons or crates with pillow bulk packages. Customised design depending on the type of crate, package sizes and capacity. The machine is placed behind a Hartmann machine for cushion packaging.

The pillow large packages are packed in prepared cartons or crates in pairs.  The prepared crates are produced from corrugated board or plastic and fed via a conveyor section.

The clear and easily accessible design enables easy adjustment, cleaning and monitoring.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Length: approx. 4150 mm, Width: min. approx. 2000 mm, Height: 2050mm, Working height: trays 590 mm/ packages 1050 mm
Weight: approx. 750 kg
Product dimensions: Pillow packages: Length: 280 - 400 (800) mm, Width: 350 - 600 mm, Height: 40 - 90 mm
Capacity: up to 30 trays /min
Speed: depending on feed speed
Controller: Omron
Operating panel: Switches and buttons (Touchscreen Pillow Pack)
Control voltage: 24 V, DC
Frequency controller: Hitachi
Servo-controler: Yaskawa
Pneumatic system: Festo
Power supply: 230/400 Volts / 50 cycles
Power consuption: approx. 4 kW
Compressed air: min. 6,0 bar (ISO 8573-1)
Operating side: left / right
Protection class: IP 54
Adjustment: manual