Quality and environment

Mission statements at GHD Hartmann

Qualität 1
Qualität 2

Quality and the environment are two major and important topics for GHD Hartmann.

Quality starts with the raw materials and components. Tests and controls meet our own requirements, but also the requirements of our customers. Materials and components for use in the food industry require certificates and evidence that prove their qualitative suitability.

Environmental protection is firmly integrated with GHD Hartmann. Energy savings through the latest manufacturing techniques, environmentally friendly energy production, waste management and recycling are part of the company. Our products are equipped with drives and operating functions that also enable our customers around the world to operate in an environmentally conscious and efficient manner. In addition, GHD Hartmann machines use lubricants that are permitted in the food industry.

Last but not least, our care and cleaning instructions for the operation of the machines and systems are an important basis for the environmentally conscious, but also safe use in high-quality food production.