The Delbrücker Land - Versatile and cosmopolitan

Kirchplatz Delbrück

GHD Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH is based exclusively at the location Delbrück in Westphalia. Our employees come from Delbrück, a city with 12,000 inhabitants or from the surrounding cities and towns.

The Delbrücker Land lies between the rivers Ems and Lippe in the east of the Westphalian Bay. Nearby larger cities are Paderborn, Lippstadt and Gütersloh. In the water-rich landscape lies the nature reserve Steinhorster Becken, a reserve for waterfowl. The flat natural landscape with numerous cycling and forest trails is a paradise for cyclists and skaters, but also water sports enthusiasts can go sailing, rowing or water skiing. The DSC Delbrück is a well-known player in football. In and around Delbrück there are a lot of sights to discover.

The city center of Delbrück with its historic church square invites you to shop and stroll with its numerous specialty shops. The colorful calendar with cultural and sporting events of all kinds offers residents and visitors many experiences and opportunities to celebrate. Gastronomy with local and international cuisine meets almost every wish and makes you want to stay and enjoy.

Delbrück is known far beyond its borders by the carnival with the big Rose Monday parade, the cross dress on Good Friday and the September held folk festival Katharinenmarkt.

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