Scan 2

Scanner with integrated checkweigher - Scan 2


The Scan 2 is an X-ray scanner type SCW 3000-C-C with integrated checkweigher HC of the manufacturer WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH, which is used for the application after primary packaging in a circular knife sheath and portioning machine.

Scan 1 offen

Scanner Scan 2, open.


Outflow side of the checkweigher.

Scan 1 offen
Standard specification

Welded machine frame - heavy duty, stainless steel , standard
Welded machine frame, stainless steel, height adjustable 850 - 950 mm
Hasp locking for cover panels
Footrests without dowel holes
Conveyor system with servo driven speed
Smooth transport belt
Compressed air service unit and valve installed in a separate housing
Stainless steel switch cabinet
Protective covers made of stainless steel panels
Radiation protection hood
Radiation protection hood for density scanner system
X-ray camera: Function principle Tdi; 2048 x 128 Pixel
Power X-ray tube up to 600 W; 60 KV; 10 mA stepless adjustable
High performance industrial X-ray unit with metal-ceramic X-ray tube
X-ray tube cooling with heat exchanger system air/ water and internal water circulation
High precision weighing by use of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR)
Friction free current connection to the weighing cell
System prepared for calibration procedure module B, MID Directive 2004/22/EC
Reject unit with lockable collection trough - installed below the transport level
Customer-specific electric equipment: System designed in IP65 for wet cleaning
Signal lamp - yellow light (X-ray in operation), self-proofing
Signal lamp - red / green
cable identification marking
Switch cabinet with hasp locking
Integrated emergency functions by hardware switches
Controls + touchpanel OCS
Control system for all real-time operations
High performance digital image processing
15` touchscreen installed into a swiveable stainless steel housing
Switchable visualisation standard/ oversized letters
Menue-guided operation with plausibility check. Display of relevant actual data and settings
Malfunction message in plain text
Wide display of the production figures
Memory for up to product parameters (optional extendible)
Alarm signal for detection of a serie with equal failures
Fine-tuning calibrating of the circular slicer with use of the sliding arithmetic average; transmission of the average amplitude and the arithmetic average
software module `clip detection` and `position verification`
software module `filling status` and `package verification`
Potential-free contacts for circuit signaling with local components
Additional emergency stop circuit
Ethernet-connection for remote maintenance and for line related statistic data
Electric execution according to CE-specification
2 sets of standard inspection boards stainless steel
2 sets of standard inspection boards (customer choice)
Operating language and labels in German language
Operating manual in German language
Spare parts catalogue in German language

X-ray tube cooling with heat exchanger system water/ water and internal water circulation
System prepared for confirmation (MP) of the possibility for a calibration procedure module B, MID Directive 2004/22/EC
MID - Calibration with original products
Outfeed conveyor equipped with a pusher for rejects , #1
Outfeed conveyor equipped with a pusher for rejects , #2
Sensor for filling level within the collection box incl. counter and signal
Sensoring of the product flow (PSK), Checking infeed, rejects and outfeed to avoid foreign packages incl. fast stop function
Sensor for reverse flow within the infeed of the collection box incl. signal
Additional signal lamp
Picture data storage as jpg-formate
Comscale4 software package `Basic` ®- connection of up to 5 OCS systems. Local MS-SQL-data server required
Software module `Report designer`: Supply of sample forms for statistics made within intervals, time frequence, spot checks or general purpose
Data transfer to internal FTP-server for doczumentation purpose of all production figures
Licence for the line with functions: Connection X-ray with the central Comsale®-module. Automatic safety storage of data for evaluations and analyses
Product examination by use of texture inspection for wholes and stacking faults
software module `foreign objects detection`
Electric execution according to UL-specification
Customer-specific special machine modifications
Customer-specific operating language and labels
Customer-specific operation manually
SCW 3000

Can the machine be cleaned wet?

The machines are designed according to protection class IP54. Wet cleaning of the machines inside the cutting and packaging room is not recommended as moisture and bread crumbs directly cause the formation of mold spores.

Wet cleaning should therefore only take place outside the cutting and packaging room: components of the machine, such as guide plates, can be dismantled and cleaned at an external washing area. After drying and disinfection, the hygienically flawless dry components can be inserted into the device and reused.

Change kits allow cleaning and preparation in addition to the production operation.

Are brochures in other languages available?

Further brochures in other languages ​​are available here. The technical state may not be updated!

What compressed air quality is recommended for machine use in the food industry?

According to ISO 8573-1 with reference to VDMA standard sheet 15390-2, we specify a compressed air quality that we recommend when using the machines and devices.

What should be considered when using a density scanner?

When using X-ray inspection systems, user-specific laws and regulations must be observed by the user. To operate the plant within the EU, the operator of the facility must be trained as a radiation protection officer. The radiation protection approval (TÜV approval) should take place during commissioning.

A radiation protection inspection can only be commissioned by the operator of the facility. A decrease can be accompanied by WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH or GHD Hartmann.


Scan 2

Industrial X - ray system based on the TDI principle (Time Delay Integration) for packaged breads with integration into the Hartmann cutting system. Body in stainless steel with solid tube frame for better absorption of spurious vibrations. Depending on the equipment different combinable control and reject systems are available. Machine operation without active X-ray radiation is possible via customer binary input.

In order to be able to guarantee the assured functionality and the detection accuracy of the X-ray scanner, product and packaging-specific properties must be clarified and specified in detail before the order is placed. Product and packaging-specific changes after commissioning of the X-ray scanner must also be specified on a customer-specific basis.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Length: approx. 2500 mm, Width: approx. 850 mm, Height: 2100mm
Product dimensions: Customer specific - Length: 40 - 100 mm, Width: 160 - 200 mm, Height: 90 - 130 mm
Capacity: approx. 65 bags/min
Speed: adjustable
Controller: OCS
Operating panel: Touchscreen
Power supply: 230/400 Volts / 50 cycles
Power consuption: approx. 3 kW
Operating side: left / right
Protection class: IP 65
Adjustment: manual