Overview of the machine program

Overview brochure


Automatic device for grouping and setting bagels upright.

High performance and flexibility.

Small installation space.

Easily accessible and adjustable.

Product dimensions: Diameter: min. 4 inch (92 mm), max. 5 inch (130 mm), Height min. 20 mm, max. ca. 35 mm
Capacity: ca. 15000 bagel/ h (product specific)

ST 10

Automatic slice separation machine, 10 tracks

Separation of sliced bread

Directly after the slicing process

Variable number of separated discs

Product dimensions: Length: 100 - 350 mm, Height: 50 - 160 mm
Capacity: max. 900 slices/min. Per lane of seperation 90 single slices of bread, 75 double slices of bread or 50 tripple slices of bread per min.